Spearfishing down under, story 2.

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Spearfishing down under, story 2.

Postby Kimi » 6.10.2010 13:19:02


The second full day of fishing tuned out more windy and we did not go so far off shore as the day before when we were 25km off shore at Rottnest. We headed out from two rocks and went ca. 7 miles off shore and jumped from reef to reef looking for fish. The conditions were very hard. The first place had some rocks and ledges at 16m, but the swell was making fishing very difficult. I found a King George Whiting under a rock and it was a good sized one, so i decided to shoot it. When extending my gun toward it I realized that I would TRY to shoo this thin fish. The swells were pumping so hard under the rock that my gun was being flung around and aiming was pretty hard. Well i missed and got my spear suck in the reef. It took me two dives to get it loose (put the spear back in the gun and use the gun as leverage to get the spear free...good tip!).

At the second spot Greg saw some kingies, but I saw nothing except a lot of fish which were not on the shooting list. Mind you these fish are up to 4 or 5 kg, but not too good eating so they are left alone. I tell you diving here is spectacular even when the conditions are bad! We had the swell ripping up sand pillars from the bottom at 22m and almost reaching up to the surface!!! Also, alomst constanly whne diving you are entertained by the humpback whales singing in the distance, what a place!

At the second ledge Greg shot a 25kg Blue Groper, which bent his 8mm spear like a twig! I only saw some small dhufish and other sea life, but no catch yet.

We spent the day hopping from place to place with nice accuracy, Jorma has this area under control! The last spot turned out to be suoer. The visibility was better, but the current was still going strong, so lots of swimming to stay in place. The best grouds for fishing were at 17-19m, but both Norway and Croatia had prepared me for this. My first dive. I saw a Baldchin Groper which also saw me and started moving toward its home ledge. I pursued it as best I could, but it cept going away all the time. I caught up with it just before it slipped in under its ledge, and shot it. The hit was low in the gut and I feared to loose the guy as he immediately sped under the ledge. I ended up landing a 7.5kg baldchin, and the guys here tell me they don't get much bigger than that, so that nice, eh?

I'd seen som kingies on top of the reef so I headed there on my way to the sout end of the reef, where Jorma suggested I look for a big Blue. I dove down and hlf way I was cut off by a school of 6 kingfish, big ones (well in my books at least!). The last one was definetly in the 20-25kg range and about 1.5 meters from myt face. I pointed ny gun behind the eye of the fish and shot. I was certain that I'll land the guy, but it shook its head and off it went. F*ck! I must have shot low and hit the gill cover, which is like shooting your neighbours Volswagen! Shit! I tried to find the ohter ones, but Jorma did so before me and lnded a nice 25kg kingie. Experience over eagerness!

Just before leaving I tried the outer edge of the reef and found a baldchin, again swimming away from me. I came from above and behind and managed to come in close enough for a shot, and I got hin, surprise surprise low in the gut! shit, this fish will tear loose! It took me minutes to land the 4.5kg baldie, but luckily I did! So, I gotta get my aim up and stop funnying about.

When we got home we spent a good 3 hours cleaning the boat the fish the gear and the back yard.

Today we rested and tomorrow at 6:30am we head for Geraldton with 2 boats and 6 people! No internet for a while so stay tuned for more later!

Levonen got 90 kg of abborre with his pilkki, what a saucerer he is!



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