European Championships 29-30.6 2013 Helsinki

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European Championships 29-30.6 2013 Helsinki

Postby Maza » 6.7.2013 16:11:03

Wau! It was amazing event. Never before the competition was in the "air" all week before the competition. You could feel the atmosphere during the week before the start. That was something that I havent ever feel before. But, that was our main goal. To organise a competition in the good feeling and helping all our foreign participants as much as we can. We Nordic spearfishers has always felt that the Euro African championships should be the "great meeting" of all spearfishing friend all over. Not a competition were the organisiting country wants to do everything to win. That meens that some how the local people are distant and difficult to reach.

Hopefully the Euro-African and why not even the world championships should be more open and supporting for all the partisipants. Some how I think that always almost the same people in the competition, we know each others wery well. Why we dont help and enjoy the time we can spent together. This is not the sport which is destroyed by money and bullshit. This is sport which is still pure and full with great personalities.

But, one of the main things to have a succesfull comeptition like at Helsinki is of course that the competition was organised by SPEARFISHERS THEM SELVES. Of course Finish diving union people were helping A LOT. But I meen all the important things were decided by people WHO ARE DOING SPEARFISHING still today......I mean not the people who have been in the water last time 20 years ago.

Also we have to say that we were not licking CMAS. We were with the Cmas spearfishing commitee straight and straight. We were fighting a lot, because of course we know the best how the things are here. But it seems that many times the organisiting country wants to decide everything to help the own people to win. That shouldn´t be the case. I am still saying that we are so small group of people who are travelling and working a lot to have money to partisipate these grear events, so everything should organise well and to help foreign visiters to come and enjoy.

But I really think that this competition at Helsinki was doing important work....Maybe the things are changing. Hopefully, because I think that is the only way to keep this sport alive, strongly and proud.

Few words about my own competition:

The wind change just day before the competition and I was not ready for that. My tallent was not good enough. I was thinking like the most of the Nordic competitors that the Bream ( 5 fish ) would be easy to catch. But even we dont know how these fish are behaving. So we have to still learn.
Anyway I am super happy about this succesfull great event in Helsinki:

Scorpena, WAU what A PEOPLE!!!
Finnish Divers UNION, amazing work
All the competitors, especially team Denmark, Russia and Norway, great teams.

AND THE LEGENDARY WINNER. Manolis did so legendary competition here that he will be the grandmaster flash of Nordic Spearfishing next 100 hundred years. All respect to him and the whole GREEK team.

All best, Matti

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