5.6.2010 Uusikaupunki, Finland

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5.6.2010 Uusikaupunki, Finland

Postby Maza » 8.6.2010 14:38:36

Week before I saw in the same spots some nice white Fish action. But still the same problem. The water tempearature was still freezing 8-9 Celcius.

After few dives the hypotermia was taking over my body!

But I saw White Fish but catching is a another thing.

I also look for them in couple other places, but finally after 10 years of hunting White Fish I have realised what is the thing!

White fish is an esthetical fish. It chooses its environment also by artistical atmosphere. So in the other hand. I am very good ( maybe the best in the world ) of understand where the White fish is hanging. One among the others skills I have, is that I share with White Fish the same understanding of underwater beauty.

Finally I understand it. Good. So if you want to train your skill in White Fish hunting, be interested of art and esthetic.


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