7.10.2010 Uusikaupunki, Finland

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7.10.2010 Uusikaupunki, Finland

Postby Maza » 8.10.2010 10:52:59

First time diving after the Kotka Kaunissaari. The Kotka is a really great place. It was difficult to get motivated in White fish hunting because the Kotkas 1 kg White fish is like another specie. Still in my mind is those long-tuna typed white fishes, which are much more agressive than the normal ones. But as Levonen sais, that species is the "vaellus siika" ( traveller white fish ) which only comes from the open sea in the autumn to the shallow. And of course the Kymi river is the key point also.

But we all should be happy that we have found this great place were the huge White fish is gathering-catering!

But back to Ugi. The water temperature is still +12 celcius so the White fish is out. 14 m/s from the south and waves like hell, but with the Lobster no problem. I very happy that finallly I have found a place were is always White fish action. Kokkarit.

http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/kart ... ra&lang=fi

I cant explane how beautifull there was. Baltic Sea at autumn is so beautifull, so beautifull colors and a lot of small animals. Look the photos from Kotka!

http://uwg.fi/uwg/Galleries/2010-09-25- ... iopen2010/

The big waves were hitting the rocks and in the middle of washing machine the groups of white fish were swimming-eating. Crazy and super nice. I was really hunting and chasing them. I shooted 5 times and I miss all the time! But really great action. Strong stream between the islands and a lot of Herrings and other small fishes. Couple times behind the rocks there were school of 500 hundreds kolmipiikki or some....And sun reflecting from their skin. This hard winds are the best time to take best underwater pictures because the fish stays still, they cant move....

Visibility perfect 3-5 meters and water full of plankton. Aftrer when I went closer to shore the water was too clean. So there is much more stuff to eat in the far islands and much more small fishes....


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