28.10.2010 Uusikaupunki, Finland

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28.10.2010 Uusikaupunki, Finland

Postby Maza » 29.10.2010 16:09:24

Perfect conditions for the night diving! Temperyte at the air + 9 and water +7 celcius. I went to in fron of Laattiskeri. Famous islans in the south corner of Putsaari. Some old guy told me that there used to be so much trouts taht local people were having fishing competitions from the shore. I mean "uistelu" linefishing competitions.

In the calm side was ful, full of small fishes. I have never saw so much. Thousend and thousends of small fish. But all the action was at the windy open sea side. I saw at least hundred of small White fish, but only one bigger which I shooted. Very stange. Were are the bigger ones. They are not inside at least so I really think that the Trouts and the white fish comes at Uki, end of November closer to land. It was ame in Hanko and helsinki. You really have to wait end of November to get nice , big Trouts. But it is really sad that Helsinki posseis all ready now packing the equipments for the winter.

Any way in the windy side, from the waves. i saw one small Trout and then one nice 2 kilo JEFE, behind the rock. It was like from the school book. The place were the waves were not so strong, a little bay

http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/kart ... &map.y=462

So the fish was resting there in shallows behind the rock. I am really sure that Trouts are taking easy when the waves are too strong.

Bad shot but I got it. I swam over the island. it took 2 hours and then back to home. But wrong side of the little light house staright to the rocks. So that was end of this seasons Trout hunting at UKI.

Mavan CULO!


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