17.5.2008 Hanko, Finland

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17.5.2008 Hanko, Finland

Postby Maza » 17.5.2008 21:34:46

It was super freezing at Hanko. Wind from the east 11 m/s. This means that you can forgot the Touts and the White fish. In these conditions Hanko is like a ice box. So I was driving the boat to the bays were the wind was not hitting so hard.

I so group of Ides which was at least 60 guys. Död Ören will be good, we have to clean the sea from the Ides......

Two Pikes, 4 kg and one 4,5 kr. Really nice. At one bay I was just waiting beside the kelp. After 30 seconds, I turn my head to the right and big Pike was looking at me. I turned slowly the gun and it was mine.

Really nice action and good action.....

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