Autumn fishing at West Coast 2008

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Autumn fishing at West Coast 2008

Postby Maza » 4.10.2008 18:56:34

West coast fishing is really different than Gulf of Finland spearing.
West coast has better sun set.
Visibility is about 2 meters always better than Suomenlahti.
West coast dosent really have archipelago, so if you are well educated you can smell the fish.

But some time west coast can be emty, super empty.
But I am learning.

At least here the fishing is hunting, not only hiding.

Strange here in front of Uusikaupunki. Everything seems to be perfect for white fish hunting, but nothing. One day I saw 4 nice Trouts but after that its been only Pike action. But that also wierd because I havent saw any more than 5 kilos, even I been really in the bushes.

Ok, now I am consentrating for Pikes and night diving. Let see how it is going.

Maza, and I am really trying proceed a movies from Papua-Solomons-Mexico-Norway. But it just take so much time.....



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